Environmental International Conference

ISSA (International Sailing Schools Association) is a non-profit international association that was founded in 1969 in London and which provides a framework of common standards of quality and safety for sailing and windsurfing schools throughout the world.
ISSA’s Mission is to:
Promote Yachting in the regions, areas and among people where it is not popular yet. This is an excellent activity for individuals and families. Helps to develop respect to other people and nature. Educate those who decide to occupy themselves with water sports. Standardize training worldwide. Exchange Cultural Experiences between various countries.

The ISSA, together with the IYFR ‘Pomerania” Fleet, are organizing a conference to involve environmental experts and yachting related organizations in a more active approach to marine environmental issues.
The ISSA has been involved in sea and water related activities since its very beginning, thus it is our responsibility to make ISSA students aware of the problems arising in the maritime world.
We don’t have the resources and power to remove the pollution but we can involve the ISSA students into the prevention process. They could possibly become the ambassadors of awareness building.
The conference will take place on the beautiful island of Cyprus on the 7 th and 8 th of April and will be comprise of 3 topic areas:

  1. Presentation of issues related to maritime pollution
  2. Presentation of initiatives/ solutions that were undertaken to tackle the environmental issues
  3. Education as the main means to prevent environmental problems
    Participants can have the opportunity to participate in extra activities after the end of the
    conference such as sailing or excursions at the island of Cyprus.

Those who wish to support or participate to the conference, can contact ISSA for information at